Case Study: Insurance Broker

Image of two insurance brokers sitting at a table over paperwork.

THE ISSUE Client had a large account but wasn’t getting the premium that he expected from it.  He spent more money on administration costs and was operating at a loss dealing with multiple per diem enrollment firms.   It was not working and he knew it wasn’t working but he didn’t know what else to do…

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Case Study: City (medium size 500+ employees)

Image of a city skyline.

THE ISSUE This city had an employee benefit package implemented for their employees.  They also had a voluntary benefits program implemented.  There became multiple issues with their benefit partner over time. The issues included poor customer service; pushy sales agents and high premiums with minimal benefits. THE SOLUTION The Employee Retention Benefits (ERB) team thoroughly…

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Case Study: Large Union (10,000+ members)

Image of union working holding a hard hat

THE ISSUE A very prominent Union wanted to increase membership and revenue but didn’t know exactly how to do it. They had previously attempted to implement a voluntary benefits program in the past but fell prey to unethical practices on behalf of the benefits representatives.  They wanted to add value for their members as well…

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